About Us

Hey Pals! I want to take a minute and introduce myself. I wanted to say hey, and thank you for being in the Spur Tribe with me! I am Sheena and I started The Vintage Spur back in September of 2016. Little did I know at that time, my small business would rapidly become my everything and my world. 

I believe that operating your own business means that you can give customers what you believe to be the best products and services. Seeing positive, appreciative reactions from your customers based on what you provide them can be incredibly motivating.

I have always had a love of fashion and there is nothing more liberating or inspiring about discovering something new and different everyday by sharing with all.  This business was built on boundless determination, big time dreams and the love of seeing others smile and feel good about themselves.

I live on a farm with horses, cattle and sheep. I love that can raise my kids growing up the way I did. I always worked a full time job and just started this adventure on the side. With a whole lot of faith, no business plan and just the basics that can't be taught in a class room, this gal discovered a great life filled with amazing people with a lot of heart and soul along the way. I never shy away from a challenge–it keeps me on my toes and ends up strengthening my business in the long run. My children motivate me and It is all the motivation I need to put my nose down and keep hustling. The 3 biggest reasons that motivate for having my own business is my 3 kids! I grew up during a time when it wasn’t very typical for women to run their own businesses and I think it’s important to normalize that experience for my kids. Women can be great wives and mothers but also, they can be incredibly talented, savvy business owners! I am constantly motivated by ambition and a sheer refusal to quit. 

I just want each of you to know if we haven’t met, just know I can’t wait to meet you soon! Just know I am grateful for each and everyone of you! Thank to all for being on this wild ride with me! 

Remember always to keep chasing dreams! 

Xoxo Sheena 💋